COVID-19 Precautionary



Here at Mr. Parcel Of Allen, it is important to us to make sure we are taking precautionary measures to ensure the safety of the city of Allen, our employees, and our customers. We have taken sanitary measures by cleansing the computer, countertops, door handles, and other frequently contacted objects in the store multiple times during the business day. Our employees at Mr. Parcel have been given facts about COVID-19 and are fully aware of effective steps for cleanliness, such as washing hands multiple times in the day. We are following recommendations given by the World Health Organization and Center of Disease Control to better protect our community. As you may be wondering, it could come to question whether or not a package is safe to handle. The answer to that question has been given by the World Health Organization, and they have made it clear that it is safe to handle a package, even if it comes from a place where the virus has been reported.

As we move forward in times like this, it is best not to panic and to always remain calm, as that always is the best thing to do in times of stress. Stay safe, healthy, and always aware. We are thankful for putting your trust in our business, and we continue to remain focused on serving you!


Harris Habeeb Rahman

Parcel of Allen

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